John Giavedoni | | CARNAVAL BBQ

On Saturday, February 8, 2013 the Residents of the Exchange District, aka "R:ED", were invited to a pre-opening dinner at the new CARNAVAL Brazilian BBQ restaurant in Winnipeg. It may have been a warm-up for staff to get ready for next week's opening, but for those in attendance, it was a wonderful to experience Winnipeg's first churrascaria BBQ restaurant.

The various types and cuts of meat just kept coming, brought to your table by gauchos (and one gouchette), carving the meat from a sword at your table. The BBQ, imported from South America, was huge, with room for up to 48 skewers on three levels.

It was an evening of delicious meats accompanied with beautifully prepared side dishes, Malbec wine, laughter and fun.