John Giavedoni | | Rossbrook Grad 2013

Rossbrook Graduation, June 2013

Rossbrook House is a drop in centre for children and youth in the inner city that offers a constant alternative to the destructive environment of the streets.

In addition to a wide range of cultural, drop-in and leadership programs aimed at area youth. Three alternative school programs are run by Rossbrook House and the Winnipeg School Division: an off-site elementary program for Grades 3-6, a junior high program at Hugh John MacDonald Junior High, and a high school program at Gordon Bell High School.

Every June, graduating students from the three programs, are honoured and celebrated. The atmosphere is electric. This moment of remembering their achievements and supporting their next steps is often shared by more than 150 people. Families, extended families, friends, school personnel all gather round the children and youth to witness their journey and encourage them forward.

Celebrations at Rossbrook House always include a meal and for the past five years, the Sons of Italy graciously – not only provide the food, but in the words of Phil Chiappetta (Co-Executive Director) "show up as a community in the circle of support, to serve it with a smile and a good wish. Needless to say, everyone loves the lasagna, salad and bread that is provided." Going up for seconds is a tradition!

"We are deeply honoured by this great gift" says Maria Vigna, Co-Executive Director. "The Sons of Italy are like family coming to share in a very important moment and creating the warmth and care that comes from a shared meal. Thank you for what you do in creating beauty- the beauty of community, of helping us to break bread and of caring!"